How Great SEO Content Writing Can Earn You Backlinks

Did you know that SEO content writing can help your business?

You can use the power of content to generate backlinks to your site. Backlinks are among the most important factors when Google ranks search results.

If you write quality content that other sites link to, it sends a signal to Google. That signal indicates that your site is an authority and should be ranked higher than others.

The higher your website ranks, the more leads and business you can get.

How can you earn such quality backlinks?

Keep reading for our tips to write like a pro and earn quality backlinks.

Why Backlinks are Important

To understand why you need to focus your writing on backlinks, it helps to focus on why backlinks are a critical part of any SEO campaign.

Google is the most important search engine to focus upon, as it has almost 75% market share among search engines. Google is the go-to search engine for most users.

With that in mind, where you rank on Google can make or break your SEO campaign.

In order to maintain its dominance in the search engine market, Google relies on its algorithm to provide the best and most valuable search results for its users. Great search results are what will keep users coming back to Google again and again.

Google uses about 200 variables in its algorithm to determine how it delivers those results to its users. Among the top factors are the business location relative to the user, a fast and mobile-friendly website keyword relevancy, backlinks, and content.

When Google indexes a website, it looks at the number of other sites that link to your content. If your content has a high number of backlinks, the more likely it is that your content is valuable to users.

It used to be that just because you had a ton of backlinks linking to your site, you’d rank really high. People would game the system and buy spam links to rank higher. That strategy worked until 2012 when Google got wise and changed its algorithm.

It’s not just the number of links that matter. It’s also the quality of those links.

Your goal is to create content that’s so good, high-quality links can’t help but link to your site.

Types of SEO Content

There are several types of SEO content writing that you can use to build backlinks.

Blog Writing

Blog posts are the most important pieces of content for SEO. To create content for backlinks, you’ll need to provide a ton of value for readers. Blogs can also be used to create credibility and authority in your industry, too.

Product Pages

Do you have an e-commerce site? Then you’re likely to have pages that describe your products. These can be used for SEO and for ad campaigns.


How to guides are useful, in-depth articles that explain to users how they can solve a particular problem. These can be in the form of downloadable ebooks or lengthy blog posts.


People love to watch videos. On Facebook alone, over half a BILLION people watch videos every day. Videos that tell a story about your business or are informative can be great tools to get backlinks to your website.


Slideshows can be used to display images and text at the same time. These are great to display lists and small pieces of content.

To create content for backlinks, you’ll need to provide a ton of value for readers.

This will require some research on your part because you want to have a great understanding as to the challenges readers are facing and help them solve a pressing problem.

Once you do that, then SEO content writing becomes much easier.

SEO Content Writing Strategy

Writing content for backlinks requires a slight shift in strategy from writing for keywords. Your goal is to help others in your niche, instead of ranking for a particular keyword.

Fill a Need for Other Bloggers

The first step in creating SEO content for backlinks is to understand what other bloggers are looking for. If you read a lot of blogs in your industry, you’ll notice that a lot of them will link to statistics and studies to support their points.

You can create articles with statistics and studies that are useful to other bloggers. You’re increasing your chances to earn links from other high-quality blogs by doing so.

Interview Experts in Your Industry

You can leverage the power and influence of industry experts to gain backlinks for your website.

These interviews can result in backlinks from multiple sources. The influencer’s audience and website or other blogs and websites that highlight a quote from the interview.

Make a list of industry experts that you would love to interview. It can be intimidating, but if you can get past the fear, the rewards are great.

Just be sure to make the interview process easy and convenient for them and have a list of engaging questions that your readers will want to know.

It Takes a Village…

You may be tempted to take the SEO journey on your own, but that’s not the smartest strategy. You need a team of like-minded folks in your industry where you can support each other and help each other grow.

Find other up and coming blogs in your niche and start to add value to them. You can comment on their blogs, link to them, and help them improve their site.

Then reach out to them and see if they would be interested in working together. Ideally, you want a group of three to four committed people in your niche to work together.

Then, you can dominate your niche together. It’s the perfect win-win situation.

SEO Content Writing for the Long Term

SEO content writing is a long-term approach that requires consistent work and patience. Your hard work will pay off as long as you take consistent action.

If you don’t have the time or patience to do the work, you’ll want to hand the work off to the pros.

On Page Optimized can write the content for and fully manage your SEO campaigns.

Schedule your free SEO consultation today to see how we can help your business.

You can never quit. Winners never quit, and quitters never win

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