Why You Should Hire a Content Marketing Agency in 2022

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About 60% of marketers report that content marketing generates leads. Only 43% have a documented content marketing strategy, though. Without high-quality content, you could struggle to attract consumers to your business. 

With help from a content marketing agency, you can boost sales, increase brand awareness, and build connections with customers. Content marketing will even cost you 62% less than outbound marketing.

On the fence about requesting content marketing services this year? Read on to discover the benefits of working with a B2B content marketing agency today!

Brand Visibility

It can take over five impressions in front of a customer before they become aware your brand exists. With repeat and consistent exposure, brand awareness can turn into brand recognition. The next time that shopper needs your product or service, they might recall your brand.

Content marketing can help you appear in front of consumers at different touchpoints. You can develop an omnichannel marketing strategy to keep appearing as well.

Your content marketing agency can create content for each point in the buyer’s journey. These pieces of content can inform, engage, and attract customers. Consumers will have an easier time learning about your business.

They might feel more inclined to convert into a lead or sale as a result. 

Creating content for each point in the buyer’s journey can also help you remain top-of-mind. Consumers might think of your brand before they consider your competitors. In fact, they might visit your website directly the next time they need your offerings. 

After all, 59% of consumers prefer shopping from familiar brands. Gaining brand recognition could help you generate more sales.

The more people recognize, appreciate, and believe in your business, the more they’ll buy!

Generating more brand visibility through content marketing could help you generate loyal customers in time, too. One loyal customer is worth 10 single-purchase shoppers. In fact, a 2% increase in customer retention can lower costs by 10%.  

Once you attract buyers, you can retain loyal customers to continue improving your ROI. You can keep appearing in front of these customers with fresh content, too. 

Appeal to Ideal Customers

Consumers now view generic content as a turn-off. In fact, 84% say being treated like a person, not a number, is important to winning their business. Over 70% get annoyed when web content doesn’t match their interests. 

Your content marketing agency can help you appeal to your ideal customers by creating personalized content. Personalization will help you appeal to the consumer’s needs and interests. Then, you can forge an emotional connection with your audience.

Personalization could help you retain customers. Consumers will begin to realize you understand their needs better than anyone else.

In fact, 90% of marketers report a measurable lift in results due to personalization. About 80% of people are more likely to shop from brands that offer personalized experiences. Personalization could improve your ROI by eight times, too. 

When developing your content marketing strategy, make sure to segment your audience into distinct buyer personas.

Your content marketing agency can create content with each persona in mind. Then, you’ll have an easier time appealing to consumers. 

Improve the User Experience

Consumers might struggle to find the information they’re looking for on your website if it lacks fresh content. If they can’t learn about your business, they might not trust your brand. Working with a B2B content marketing agency can help. 

Your content marketing team can create fresh content based on the questions your customers are asking. They can also optimize your content for search engine optimization (SEO). SEO can help your web content rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Higher rankings can help you generate brand awareness, web traffic, and leads. It will also ensure your site appears ahead of competing brands. You could position yourself as a thought leader as a result.

Ranking at the top of a SERPs can further improve the user’s online experience.

Consumers won’t have to dig through your website to find answers to their questions. Instead, they can explore your blog and fresh content.

Build Trust and Loyalty

Remember, consumers might not trust your business if they can’t learn about your business. You can use content creation to remain transparent and honest before customers.

For example, you might want to consider creating behind-the-scenes content. Consumers can get an inside look into how your products are made.

Remaining transparent will help you generate brand trust. In time, trust can grow into brand loyalty. Then, you can start retaining customers to generate repeat sales.

Generating repeat sales will boost your ROI, allowing your business to grow. 

Generate Traffic

Look for a content marketing company that also offers SEO services. They can help improve your organic search engine rankings. Higher rankings will help you generate more traffic.

Better yet, it can help you generate high-quality traffic. With SEO, your content will appear in front of consumers who have an initial interest in your offerings. These consumers are more likely to convert on your website. 

Generating high-quality traffic can also increase your clickthrough rate and dwell times. Improving these metrics can further boost your SEO rankings.

You can also use your content for other marketing strategies.

For example, your content marketing company can help reformat your blog posts to produce social media content. Social media marketing can help you attract and engage consumers. It can also help you direct more people to your website.

Consider experimenting with new forms of social media content, including Stories and Reels. Creating more video content is a great way to engage your audience.

Otherwise, use stickers to create polls and quizzes. Interactive content can help boost engagement. As people engage with your brand, they might have an easier time remembering you in the future. 

You can learn more about social media marketing here

You can work with a content marketing company to create content for your next email marketing campaign, too. In fact, you can feature your blog posts in an email newsletter. Sending a regular newsletter will help you continuously nurture your leads.

Creating fresh website content will also give consumers a reason to come back to your website. 

If your website content is old, they won’t have a reason to come back. Instead, add your fresh content to an email drip campaign. Then, you can continue generating fresh website traffic and offer consumers information they want.

Remain Competitive

If you’re too busy to create content for your business, your competitors will get the chance to take the lead. They’ll have an easier time engaging your ideal customers. They’ll also start to rank ahead of you on SERPs.

Choosing content marketing services will help you remain competitive.

You won’t have to waste time or resources creating content on your own. Instead, you can rely on an experienced B2B content marketing agency. An agency can help you discover new ways to take the lead. 

Create Engaging, Quality Content

Many businesses rush to create and post content without developing a full content marketing strategy. If you’re not thinking it through, your content might fail to accomplish your goals.

A content marketing company can help you focus on quantity and quality. Creating high-quality content can help you generate more engagement. It can also help you stand out from competing brands. 

You can focus on educating your audience over selling products and services, too. Educating and informing consumers will make them more comfortable with your brand. They’ll begin to recognize your experience and expertise in the industry. 

Keep Up With Trends

As technology continues to change, new content marketing services and trends will impact the industry, too. Failing to keep up with these trends can leave your business looking old, outdated, and irrelevant. Consumers might decide they want to follow a business that’s up-and-coming instead. 

You’re already busy trying to track trends that are relevant to your business or industry. You shouldn’t have to keep up with content marketing trends, too.

Instead, consider working with an experienced content marketing company.

They’ll keep track of any trends that might impact your content marketing strategy. For example, they might mention:

  • Personalized, humanized content
  • Shifting audience needs
  • Empathetic content
  • Video content
  • AR/VR
  • Automation
  • Voice search
  • Podcasting
  • Interactive content
  • Influencer marketing

With artificial intelligence and automation continuing to expand, new trends will emerge in time. 

Your content marketing company will keep track of these trends for you. Then, they can apply the latest trends to give your marketing campaigns a boost. Keeping up with the latest trends could help you remain a step ahead of competitors.

Consumers will recognize you’re in the know. They might begin relying on your business more often as a result.  

Gather Data

A reliable content marketing company won’t generate your content and disappear. Instead, they’ll review the results of your marketing efforts. Then, they’ll determine which pieces of content and topics help drive results.

They can determine which marketing channels and trends help you generate more leads and sales, too. 

The data they gather can help them make more informed decisions regarding your future posts. 

For example, they might recognize certain headlines helped you generate a higher clickthrough rate or more traffic. They might realize you need to adjust your SEO descriptions to generate more clicks and traffic, too.

An agency might notice you’re only creating blog posts instead of diversifying your content marketing strategy. They can help you create different posts, including:

  • Infographics
  • eBooks
  • Thought leadership posts
  • Videos
  • AR/VR
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Interactive content
  • Animations

Creating different forms of content can help you appeal to a wider audience of potential customers. 

Your content marketing agency will determine which of these posts helps you generate the most engagement. Then, they can create more of that content to help you appeal to more consumers.

If you’re not creating fresh content, you might struggle to gather the data you need. In turn, you could struggle to learn about your customers.

Instead, you might make assumptions about their interests, pain points, and preferences. 

Your content might not appeal to your audience if you’re lacking data from previous efforts.  

Analyzing, adjusting, and optimizing your campaigns can help you generate more leads and sales. As a result, your marketing agency can improve your ROI. Then, you can set your business up for long-term growth and success. 

Improve Your ROI

Content marketing is three times more efficient for lead generation than outbound strategies. In fact, 72% of companies say content marketing helps generate leads. As a result, 80% of marketers plan to spend more on content marketing this year.

Remember, content costs 62% less than outbound strategies, allowing you to save money and drive sales. As a result, your ROI will start to rise.

Working with a content marketing strategy can help you save money and make money.

For starters, you can avoid making costly mistakes when developing your content marketing strategy. Your agency will know which tried and true strategies will appeal to your consumers. With their help, you can avoid wasting money on ineffective campaigns and tactics.

They can also help you determine which marketing channels will expand your reach online.

With their help, you can better utilize your marketing budget to boost your ROI.

The content they generate can benefit your business long-term, too.

For example, you can improve your search engine rankings with fresh content. It will take time before competitors knock your ranking down. As a result, you can generate results from that piece of content long-term. 

Consider working with a content marketing company this year. With their help, you can set your business up for long-term success.  

Hire a Content Marketing Agency for Your Business Today

Don’t let your old, outdated content impact your ability to reach customers. Instead, consider hiring a content marketing agency this year. You can leverage their experience and expertise to attract and engage customers.

With their help, you can create an effective, results-driven content marketing campaign. 

Need help developing content for your business? We can take you to the next level.

Contact our marketing team today to learn more!

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