Why Local Business Listing is Essential

Local business listing directories should be part of every company’s digital marketing strategy.

Creating and managing company directory listings can increase profits. It helps you gain exposure and can even improve your rankings in search engine results.

Keep reading to find out how your local business listing can be a great marketing tool.

Build a Reputation

Henry Ford said, “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do”. This holds true today as reviews are one of the major factors in consumer decisions.

Word of mouth marketing is arguably the most valuable resource you have. 92% of consumers report recommendations from others influencing their final choice.

A local business listing gives your company opportunities to gain a solid reputation. Reviews are available for customers to share their experience. This allows potential consumers to feel confident in choosing your business.

This is not only good for potential clients but also helps you when it comes to search engine algorithms.

You’re More Relevant With a Local Business Listing

When it comes to search engines if you’re listed in more places you’re more relevant. You’ll rank higher than a competitor with a small webpage and no other mentions.

Google and other search engines want to provide the best results for their visitors. Every local business listing can help you can gain popularity and relevance.

You’ll be easier to find and appear in more search results. 47% of smartphone users research products on their phone weekly. The majority of these are voice searches conducted on the go. A listing on the right site can boost your exposure and improve your chance of being selected.

Virtual Assistants, Machine Learning and AI

Smart speakers and machine learning technologies are good reasons for local business listings. As they attempt to provide a personalized experience they give results nearby first.

Google uses RankBrain as one factor in it Hummingbird algorithm to rank results. These are only a small part of hundreds of factors but still worth considering. Making small changes to your digital marketing plan improves your odds of success.

PageRank is a program used by Google to help determine relevance. It partially bases its ranking on links pointing to that page from others. A local business listing has a spot for website address and can be included in this algorithm.

Reach More People

Local business listing options are not limited to Google or Bing. Sites like Yelp, Amazon, and others also have them. You can reach customers who otherwise wouldn’t know you exist. There are dozens of directories to consider adding your local business listing to.

It’s a great way to engage and attract visitors to your business. Consistent listings on all directories helps major search engines trust in your business. You’ll rank better in their results.

Consistency is Everything

The importance of consistency cannot be over-stressed. Each local business listing must be the same. This means if you use St. instead of Street on one listing, you should use the same abbreviation on all listings.

It’s also a good idea to consistently engage with customers and update information. Comment on reviews quickly and professionally. Post new information on prices, hours, and services in a timely manner. Make sure if you change one listing that you update them all.

You need to ensure all information is accurate. Immediately address anything that can impact on your online reputation or ranking.

Increased Revenue

A local business listing can increase your revenue. The right listings can bring foot traffic, increase phone inquiries, and online sales.

Investing time to manage your local business listing in directories can be profitable.

You gain recognition and increase company earning potential by developing local marketing strategies. Maintaining a local business listing on various search engines is an economical way to do so.

Search Engine Optimization

Every local business listing in directories has the potential of helping SEO strategy. Consistent information about your business on various pages is good for business.

It’s also helpful as each listing has links to web pages, weekly flyer, and social media. You want to engage visitors. The more people explore your site, talk about your business or share your posts the better off you are.

This not only helps with word of mouth marketing but also with search engine ranking.

More than 60% of local searches on laptops and more than 70% of mobile local searches result in an offline purchase. If you’re not among the local search results you’re losing out on customers. You’re also losing out on search engine rankings in other searches.

What Information Do They Want?

Potential customers want answers about each company so they can decide where to go.

The most useful information to include in a local business listing is:

  • company name
  • physical contact information including address, phone numbers
  • online contacts including social media profiles and company website
  • directions
  • hours of operation
  • products and services offered
  • coupons, discounts, and other contests
  • company reviews and ratings

Consistency needs to be emphasized again. Each local business listing in a directory needs to contain the same information. It needs presenting in the same way.

Accentuate the Positive

You can use local business listings to your advantage as an effective marketing tool. Most directories allow you and your customers to post pictures, videos, and reviews. These will accentuate the positive and attract potential customers.

You can draw customers in by offering promotions and marketing your company strengths. The more you engage and customers mention positive experiences, the better it is.

Some businesses gain a following through simple things like funny responses to reviews. Others get return visitors to rate amusing pictures of the staff. You have the chance to convince readers that they have to visit your establishment.

Personalized Experience

You can help search engines and virtual assistants to personalize each visitor’s experience with your listing. You also help customers know you are the right place to visit before driving to your business for no reason.

Your time can be spent providing customer service rather than answering phone calls about whether your business is open and how to get there.

Local business listings can be useful in driving customers to your online and in-store business.

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