Why DoFollow Backlinks Are Crucial for Ranking

You understand the importance of being on page one in Google searches. Only 8% of searches get past that 1st page.

But getting to the top of searches isn’t easy. You’ve got a lot of competition. Currently, around 5 million blogs get posted each day. And as people get smarter about SEO, everyone’s trying to do it. As they do, the bar continues to rise.

Despite what some influencers may tell you, creating amazing content isn’t enough. You need dofollow backlinks to gain traction with SEO.

Let’s take a look at why they’re so important and how you can get more of them.

What Is a Backlink?

A backlink is a link from another website to your website. The person linking to your site typically has a practical reason to do so.

They may be citing a source.

They may like something on your page and want to share it with others. They could be talking about you. They link to your name or business for reference.

These links allow a person to easily click from someone else’s site to yours. That creates referral traffic. But they serve a much more important function for your search engine ranking.

What Are the Benefits of Backlinks?

Search engines, like Google, treat some backlinks as a vote of confidence. If someone linked to your site, then they must respect you in some way.

These votes of confidence signal to the search engine that you probably know what you’re talking about.

They reward sites that have more backlinks with higher ranking in searches. That means you’re more visible when someone searches for something that you talk about on a webpage.

Let’s say you sell retro socks. Someone types “Neon tube socks” into a query, and you have a webpage on this topic.

The search engine will shoot your page “Everything You Wanted to Know About Neon Tube Socks” to the top of the search listings.

Your competitors may have very similar pages. Their pages may even be more thorough. They could be written better. They may have more appealing visuals.

But because the search engine sees that you’re the most respected site on the topic, they award you with the top spot.

What Is a Do follow Backlink?

Wow. You need to start getting more of these links.

But don’t be too hasty. Not all backlinks are created equal.

You could have thousands of backlinks and your competitor with 50 could outrank you if you don’t know this little secret.

Because backlinks are so powerful, search engines like Google have given webmasters the ability to link to other sites without giving that site a vote of confidence.

They can mark a link as “no follow” to tell the search engine that this isn’t an upvote for your site.

Why would a site linking to yours not want to give you an upvote, you might ask. Isn’t that petty?

It may seem that way. But, actually, it’s protection for websites and their visitors.

Take LinkedIn, for example. You can create your own blog on their site. You could create links to your blog from their blog. If each of these links were a vote, you’d basically be voting for yourself over and over.

On top of this, you might be tempted to create pages of links on your LinkedIn blog, knowing that each helps your ranking.

By allowing an authoritative site like Linkedin to choose not to allow dofollow backlinks, search engines help avoid people spamming sites with links.

This rule also saves websites a lot of hassle. They might otherwise by constantly bombarded with requests for links.

How to Get More Dofollow Backlinks

In a perfect world, you would create amazing content that people instantly want to link to. In fact, many influencers suggest this strategy. But let’s face reality here for a minute.

If you’re not already a very authoritative website, why would someone just decide to give you a bunch of dofollow backlinks?

As a general rule, they won’t until you’ve gained some traction and authority.

Now, don’t get us wrong.

It’s important to develop linkable content as a part of your overall link-building strategy. In fact, if you had all do follow links and no nofollow links, this would look suspicious to Google. It might get your website penalized.

But you can’t rely on these natural links alone.

You need a solid link-building strategy in place to get more dofollow links.

Designing a Link Building Strategy

Dofollow backlinks are most valuable when the link is both relevant and from an authority website. A comprehensive link building strategy includes acquiring this kind of link.

Relevant DoFollow Links

A link is relevant when the site and/or page linking yours is somehow related to the page on your site that it’s linking to.

As Google tries to determine your authority on a topic, they look at the sites that are linking to yours. Are these sites in similar industries? Does the page have a reason to link to yours?

If the answer is no, then these dofollow links won’t hold much weight with Google. They say nothing about whether your site is trusted.

Authority DoFollow Links

Search engines like Google also need to see that the site linking to yours is an authoritative website itself. If an authority website is willing to give you an upvote through dofollow links, this contributes to the value of that backlink.

Established news websites are among the most authoritative.

These editorial dofollow backlinks are very difficult to acquire. As a general rule, you will need to develop a relationship with a news site.

Get More Relevant, Authority Followed Backlinks

Dofollow backlinks are vital to the health of your website. Without them, you will not rank high in searches. It’s that simple.

Acquiring them can be tricky. They not only need to be dofollow. They also need to be relevant and authoritative.

To find out how we can help you get more quality backlinks, contact us today.

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