The Importance of SEO in Digital Media Marketing

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In recent years, the digital world has grown tremendously, with almost 2 billion websites in existence as of 2021.

Businesses, in particular, have taken advantage of the internet revolution. The fact is the vast majority of clients now shop online. It’s no wonder, then, that about 64 percent of small businesses in the US have a website as part of their digital media marketing strategy.

But having a company website doesn’t guarantee that your target clients can find you online. The fact is that competition in the online space can be brutal. A staggering 91 percent of all online content receives zero traffic from Google.

That’s why you need SEO as part of your digital media marketing plan. SEO can help you rank highly on search engines, and that can make all the difference when it comes to attracting clients.

This comprehensive guide looks at why SEO should be at the center of your digital marketing campaign.

What Is SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization. The term refers to techniques that help drive traffic onto your website. As a result, your website ranks higher on search engine result pages.

Many different factors determine how visible a website is, ranging from on-site factors such as the quality of the content to off-site factors like link building. On-page SEO focuses on increasing traffic on your website through such techniques as enhancing the website design to make it more user-friendly. Off-site SEO, on the other hand, focuses on promoting your website through external means.  

What Is Digital Media Marketing?

Digital media marketing refers to marketing initiatives that leverage online media and the internet through such connected devices as home computers, mobile phones, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Generally, digital media marketing trends center around distributing brand messages through search engines, applications, websites, and more.  

There are different types of digital media marketing, including social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, etc.

How Can SEO Boost Your Digital Media Marketing Campaign?

Making SEO part of your digital marketing efforts can prove beneficial in numerous ways. Here are 12 of them.

SEO Enhances the ROI of Your Digital Marketing

Every time you spend time and money on a marketing strategy, you want it to give you the highest possible ROI. A robust SEO can yield just that. 

Compared to traditional marketing strategies, SEO offers multiple times as much ROI. Getting new leads is easier, and conversion rates are higher. For most businesses, increasing revenue is the top reason for investing in SEO in the first place.

SEO Can Boost Credibility

A massive benefit that many businesses often overlook is how effectively it enhances your credibility among customers. 

When you rank on the first page of search results, you’re signaling to users that Google and other search engines trust your website. It’s the reason only a microscopic 0.78 percent of Google users ever click on results from the second page. Searchers trust that the search engine has already filtered results for them and eliminated spammy websites.

So, what signals do search engines use to rank your page? One of them is your content. Another is how fast your website is. 

As long as search engines are getting the right signals regarding your website, they’ll see it as being safe and credible for users. 

There are other ways that SEO boosts a website’s credibility. For instance, you can optimize your Google My Business listing. The listing typically appears in specific searches and local searches for your company and provides consumers with details about your business.  

Google My Business listing also features reviews of your business from other Google users. The reviews can prove essential when it comes to enhancing your credibility and driving sales. 

SEO Can Drive Top-Quality Traffic to Your Site

Working with a digital media marketing agency can also prove helpful when it comes to earning high-quality traffic to your business site. With digital marketing, you get hyper-targeted tools that ensure your audience sees your website when they perform online searches. 

Besides, SEO ensures that you reach your target audience at the right time. Your audience is most likely already looking for you, meaning you have their attention. Thus, it’s more likely that they’ll act on your CTAs.

You Can Measure Success With Actual Numbers

When you invest in a marketing strategy, you want to have a clear understanding of its impact. SEO allows you to monitor how successful your digital marketing is. You get access to real-time digital marketing analytics. 

Some of the metrics you can use to see how your SEO strategies are performing include:

  • Web traffic
  • Conversion rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Time on site

There’s also marketing software that helps you monitor your SEO strategy. You get to measure your overall digital media marketing ROI and get insights into your campaign that you can act on. 

SEO Boosts Your Business Round the Clock

For businesses that provide services 24/7, it’s imperative that consumers find their store online at any given time. The great thing about SEO is that it can promote your brand day and night. 

With Google processing tens of thousands of searches every second of every day, you must be found by users looking for the type of product or service you sell. 

SEO can reinforce your digital media marketing ability to connect with your target audience on their own terms. Instead of reaching a consumer with billboards that they see when on the road, you’re connecting them when they’re searching for you. Thus, your website can offer more value to users by offering answers to their questions at any given time.

SEO Can Boost Brand Awareness Among High-Value Consumers

SEO can increase the level of awareness that your best shoppers have of your brand. Typically, shoppers perform lots of different searches while moving through your buying funnel. As your brand continues to show up in their search results, they become more aware of your company. 

Besides, the more shoppers see your website in search results, the more they trust you. With an effective content marketing strategy, you get to demonstrate to consumers that you’re far more than just a service or product. You show that you are a high-quality resource for information.

You can also opt to utilize video marketing, hence supercharging your brand awareness campaign. That’s because video significantly boosts brand association among consumers. Optimize your videos for search to ensure that users see them. 

SEO Targets All Stages of the Buying Funnel

Content marketing has made SEO a lot more effective. This type of marketing comes in different forms, including infographics, blog posts, and guides. Each of these forms is designed to connect with users during each stage of the marketing funnel.

Keep in mind that users at the top or middle of the marketing funnel may not convert right away. These users may be consumers reading a blog post on the importance of AC repair. However, such users will still convert eventually. 

Generally, consumers love the content marketing approach as it exposes them to original and relevant content that’s not overly promotional. 

SEO Can Boost Your PPC Campaign

If you intend to partner with a digital marketing agency, they’ll likely help you craft a PPC marketing strategy. Of course, the main difference between PPC and SEO is that the former is a paid strategy while the latter isn’t. However, the two can work extremely well together, so you need to consider pairing them. 

But exactly how can SEO enhance your PPC campaign?

When you use PPC and SEO, you get to reinforce your brand’s presence in Google or the search engine you’re using. Your website does not only appear at the top of organic search results but paid ones as well. In other words, users have two opportunities to see your website.

The second benefit of using SEO is that it’s possible to apply SEO data to PPC marketing. Webpages that result in conversions may increase in value after you incorporate them into your PPC campaigns. Moreover, such landing pages can target keywords that have low cost-per-click.

SEO Can Help You Outrank Competitors

As we pointed out earlier, the vast majority of today’s consumers shop online. Thus, it’s only natural that most of your competitors will already have invested in having an online presence. Some of them will already have an SEO strategy to boost their visibility. 

What this means is that you cannot afford to ignore SEO. The last thing you want is your toughest competitors to consistently outrank you and thus claim the same clients you’re looking to engage. 

SEO Can Help You Reach All Members of Your Target Audience

SEO not only reaches users at each stage of your buying funnel but also connects with all types of target audiences. The fact is you may have several different target audiences.

For instance, a lawn care business may provide residential and commercial services. Thus, they offer services that target two separate audiences. Sure, the two audiences require lawn care services, but they have different journeys through your buying funnel.

Business owners will likely have different questions than homeowners regarding lawn care services. A company may require services that you don’t provide to homeowners, such as the maintenance of a large pond.

SEO helps you to reach different audiences by targeting the keywords specific to their needs. For instance, you can have a service page targeting the keyword “residential lawn care services” to connect with homeowners. You can create another page that targets “commercial lawn care services.”

SEO Can Cut Your Marketing Costs

SEO may benefit you by drastically reducing your advertising expenses. An SEO strategy can ensure your site ranks on page one of search results for the right keywords when executed properly.

Thus, SEO can ensure you’re reaching your target audience without spending money on anything else apart from the costs of hiring an all-inclusive SEO service

The money you save can then be reinvested elsewhere. For instance, once you start utilizing SEO, you can reduce the number of PPC campaigns you run from ten to five. The money you save can then be used to expand your content marketing campaign.

SEO can also help you reduce your overall traditional spend, besides your digital marketing costs. Within just months of investing in a robust SEO strategy, you should start to notice just how much more cost-effective SEO is compared to traditional marketing. 

SEO Can Drive Long-Term Success

SEO efforts are always ongoing, unlike most traditional advertising. You can expect to experience SEO benefits many years after you start investing in it. 

You’ll need to keep investing in SEO each year to enjoy its benefits. The fact is SEO trends are always changing, and you need to keep up. Be sure to learn about new user search habits and search algorithm updates.

Leverage the Power of SEO for Digital Media Marketing Success

A well-planned and executed SEO strategy can greatly boost your overall digital media marketing campaign. SEO does not just guarantee higher ranking and thus more visibility of your brand, but it also saves you a lot on marketing costs. The secret is to make sure that you’re partnering with the right digital media marketing agency for your company.

Are you interested in boosting your digital media marketing through top-quality and affordable SEO services? Please, contact us today and learn how we may help.

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