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With LinkedIn Ads, you can engage an exclusively qualified audience in a professional setting. Gain access to influencers and decision makers committed to finding new growth opportunities. Strengthen your approach by building personas that identify IT professionals, C-level executives, college applicants or small business owners as desired criteria—allowing for more effective marketing campaigns tailored specifically for each segment!

Full-Service Agency
Our Method
Consultation & Planning
Every project starts with a goal in mind and we can help you to reach your goals with the services that will work best for your business and brand.
Campaign Launch
Before we launch, our team will design a campaign that may include creative, copywriting, setup and tracking. Once everything is in place and tested we will launch your campaign on your schedule.
Ongoing Optimization & Reporting
Once your campaign is running we will optimize ads, keywords and audience. We consult with all of our clients on a weekly basis for feedback and updates to campaigns.
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Marketing Pricing
LinkedIn Ads Pricing

LinkedIn Ads

$ 500 Per Month
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Visual & Copywriting
  • Weekly Touch Point Calls
  • Detailed Live Reporting

We post organic content for you:

$ 25 Per Post / Billed Monthly
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Imagery & Copywriting
  • Weekly Touch Point Calls
  • Detailed Live Reporting
Have Questions
Here are some of the questions we get:

This is a question a lot of businesses ask. All of them would be best but some have a better return on ad spend. We typically go towards Meta (Facebook + Instagram) for leads and ecommerce and google for local businesses and ecommerce. Other platforms are more for branding at this time. Some B2B business types can benefit more from a LinkedIn campaign than a B2C business type would.

We do not require you to commit to a certian time period with Latitude Park. All services are month to month and you can cancel at any time.

We recommend spending a $1000 or more to test out each platform for cost per lead or acquisition. Once you have gauged your cost and lead count you can increase or decrease the budget to match your objectives.

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