Digital Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Social Ads are the #1 choice for driving leads and sales at a reasonable price point. We launch ads on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, LinkedIn and more

Google Advertising

We use google for location based business and ecommerce product marketing. Google Ads, Youtube and more

Digital Advertising

Fully managed digital ads

We manage digital ad campaigns on all major ad platforms. We can use all or just a single platform to get leads and sales. Let use put together a plan that works for your business. Scroll down to learn more. Get in touch with us today!

Meta / Facebook / Instagram

Facebook & Instagram Ads, Also now known as Meta Ads

Facebook and Instagram are the #1 lead generation platform for many business and larger companies all over the world. We work with budgets starting at $1000/mo and up to get leads and sales for location based businesses and online businesses that sell products and services online only.

Meta, Facebook & Instagram is our #1 go to platform for any business wanting to run ads and scale business.


TikTok ads

TikTik is a new platform that many adults currently spend time on, and it is a great way to sell products and get leads. We work with brands in almost every vertical on TikTok. It is a great addition for business that can advertise over an entire DMA. 


Twitter Ads

Twitter has a future for major visibility and brand exposure. We run twitter campaigns that help bring awareness to a brand or local business through promoted tweets and display ads. Twitter is also a platform that can host any business vertical and the brand value on twitter goes a long way.


Google & Youtube Ads

Google is a vast platform offering ad placement where it counts. This platform gives businesses the ability to be front and center when a consumer is searching for their product or service. We manage every ad type Google offers in its ad platform including: Text and Search Ads, Call Only Ads, Display and Shopping Ads, Ads in Gmail and on YouTube, Video ads, Location based ads to promote your business profile, location, phone number and reviews. We offer complete tracking and reporting of all actions taken so you get a clear view of ad dollars spent and ROI.

Full-Service Agency
Our Method
Consultation & Planning
Every project starts with a goal in mind and we can help you to reach your goals with the services that will work best for your business and brand.
Campaign Launch
Before we launch, our team will design a campaign that may include creative, copywriting, setup and tracking. Once everything is in place and tested we will launch your campaign on your schedule.
Ongoing Optimization & Reporting
Once your campaign is running we will optimize ads, keywords and audience. We consult with all of our clients on a weekly basis for feedback and updates to campaigns.
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Marketing Pricing
Digital Ads Pricing

Per Platform Cost

$ 500 Monthly / *Per Platform
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Visual & Copywriting
  • Weekly Touch Point Calls
  • Detailed Live Reporting

Meta + Google Bundle

$ 900 Monthly
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Search & Display Ads
  • Weekly Touch Point Calls
  • Detailed Live Reporting

Meta + Tiktok Bundle

$ 850 Monthly
  • CRM Integration
  • Automation Setup
  • Google, Facebook &
  • Reporting Dashboard
Have Questions
Here are some of the questions we get:

This is a question a lot of businesses ask. All of them would be best but some have a better return on ad spend. We typically go towards Meta (Facebook + Instagram) for leads and ecommerce and google for local businesses and ecommerce. Other platforms are more for branding at this time. Some B2B business types can benefit more from a LinkedIn campaign than a B2C business type would.

We do not require you to commit to a certian time period with Latitude Park. All services are month to month and you can cancel at any time.

We recommend spending a $1000 or more to test out each platform for cost per lead or acquisition. Once you have gauged your cost and lead count you can increase or decrease the budget to match your objectives.

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