8 Easy Backlinks You Can Get Right Now

Link building is pretty easy to do when you are focusing on internal opportunities and linking out to established industry sites. But, it can be hard to generate backlinks that offer this same amount of exposure for your own site.

Luckily, there are ways to generate easy backlinks. You just have to find the right opportunities.

Some of the digital marketing practices you’re already using can be a great place to start. Other backlink sources might be content you haven’t considered trying yet.

The following is a mix of the top eight sources for easy backlinks.

1. Expand Your Social Media Presence

If you weren’t already aware, social media is about more than having fun and building brand awareness. It is a powerful SEO tool!

Social media can help you generate new consumers, improve your SERP performance, and support your link building strategy. The simplest way to add a backlink is to make sure all your social channels link back to your website.

But, you can take these efforts one step further. You’ll have to find influencers and companies to advertise with, which will have a range of fees depending on their online presence. This investment will be worth it, though.

The trick to building backlinks via such partnerships is to get these accounts to link back to your website on their story updates or posts. Every time these social interactions have one of your links, your backlink strategy is growing.

2. Make Infographics

Instead of focusing on social media, you can shift your attention to infographics. Infographics are short, interesting bits of information made to be fun and eye-catching with the use of pictures and graphic design.

Bloggers, influencers, journalists, and basically anyone operating in the online space love to share infographics. These make information much easier to reference and understand.

Put yourself in this space by creating infographics that link back to your website. The more attention such pieces of content get, the more easy backlinks you will have popping up.

3. Create Surveys

Another way to boost your backlink strategy is to create interactive content. This is otherwise known to be surveys and polls. Interactive content can also be quizzes or contests in which something must be shared or submitted.

Whatever kind of interactive content you choose to make, highlight the importance of sharing it with others. When you ask a user to take a survey, for example, ask them to share it with their online network, too.

This creates easy backlinks that feel organic for users to post. Not to mention, interactive content can do wonders for your brand’s voice and to foster brand loyalty.

4. Search for Guest Post Opportunities

Don’t forget to reach out to industry experts and top publications as well as people in your target market. These can be a huge opportunity for easy backlinks.

Many of these sources know how SEO goes, and they only publish the best guest posts. Find the sites that you think would genuinely be interested in what you have to say. Then, craft a guest post that is well thought-out, and that meets a specific site’s requirements.

Make sure your link is included then send it in for review. If and when your post is published, you will be getting backlinks from the original post as well as every time it is shared.

5. Host a Round-Up

Some blog posts are termed round-ups. A round-up is when one publication or editor gets a few industry leaders and influencers together to make their story.

They may be asking for a quote or an insider tip from each person. Most of these posts are listicles of some sort. But, all of them are a source of easy backlinks.

To host a round-up means you are the one reaching out to each influencer. You are crafting a post on your own blog (or to submit as a guest blog) based on their insights.

Once the link goes live, reach out to all the people who helped make it possible. Thank them for sharing their knowledge, and ask if they will share the blog. You’ll be surprised to see how many people post it for their network to see.

6. Write Testimonials

Not too fond of pitching ideas and crafting posts? Use your time to write testimonials instead.

Go through the history of products and services you’ve partnered with in the past quarter or even the past year. Write thoughtful reviews for all of the ones you experienced a success with.

Include a small byline or at least mention your company, and use this point as an opportunity to add a link. Such a simple backlink method can actually create significant successes for your overall link strategy.

7. Ask for Credit

Just as it pays to give credit where it’s due, there is no shame in asking for credit. Ask the clients you’ve built a strong relationship with if they are willing to mention you on their website.

This doesn’t have to mean dedicating a whole blog post to you or even a direct link. Giving credit can be as simple as placing your logo on a landing page with a backlink.

Or, it can be a short, simple thank you, like saying “this (event/post/web page) is (sponsored/made possible by), (your company name).”

8. Reach Out to Reporters and News Outlets

When the moment is right, you can give yourself credit. Maybe you are having a grand opening of a new brick and mortar location or you’re expanding your services. This is something to celebrate!

Make it newsworthy and make sure the news is aware of it. You may not end up on TV, but you do have a chance of getting a press release out or an article to be written about you.

Include a link and short summary of your company with all the details you send out. This makes the reporters’ jobs easier and your chances of a feature a bit higher.

Easy Backlinks and Other Valuable Elements of Your SEO Strategy

As great as it can be to generate some easy backlinks, that is not the only thing your SEO strategy needs to succeed.

You also need a plan to get fresh, interesting content published on a consistent basis. You need to keep your website updated – with the latest UX trends and the lowest load times, among other search tactics.

To get a strong grip on all these SEO tools, you need the help of the professionals. That’s where we come in.

Contact us today to see how we can take your link building and other SEO strategies to the next level.

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