10 Things You Need to do to Increase Brand Awareness

Creating a strong presence for your brand in any industry is a matter of constant effort. Whether you’re investing heavily in SEO strategies or rolling out a new print campaign, you always have to adjust to market trends and user behaviors.

The better you do this, the better you can increase brand awareness.

Brand awareness is the level of understanding your market has about the things that set your company apart. It is how a user gets to know who you are and what you offer.

Think you’ve already exhausted your marketing ideas?

Think again – we’ve come up with ten ways you can keep generating brand awareness. Here they are.

1. Create Content That Matters to Users

First things first, whatever kind of campaign you come up with, make sure it’s valuable to your audience. You shouldn’t be trying to sell a product every time you interact with them.

Instead, create content that offers insights they care about.

Share tips and tricks and how-tos that tie into the services you offer. Maybe even talk about hacks for your product or different ways to apply your service that may not seem obvious.

Such knowledge is what creates a long-term relationship, rather than just a one-off conversion from your content.

2. Write Guest Posts

Where should you share the insights mentioned above?

Chances are, you’re already blogging. But, you can take this kind of content one step further by guest blogging.

Guest blogging is the practice of writing original content to be published on someone else’s blog. This is your chance to increase brand awareness by interacting with that blog’s audience.

It is also a chance to implement link building strategies and create a higher level of authority for your business. When users read your guest post on a well-known, highly-respected website, they will start to see you as an expert in your industry.

3. Use Infographics

Another way to share your knowledge is by using infographics.

Infographics are a much easier way to catch someone’s attention. These visuals are fun, engaging, and more informative than you might think.

You can use an infographic to guide users through a how-to or to share data they need to know. Talk about a trend in the industry or share internal facts about your company and its culture.

Either way, you are sure to see an increase in brand awareness with the use of this tool.

4. Publish E-Books and Courses

The next way you can generate more interest in your brand is by creating e-books and online courses. You can publish these as downloads on your website for free or for sale.

Plus, the making and releasing of such content gives you even more things to talk about in your e-mail blasts and your blog posts. This one tactic organically creates a stream of fresh, new content.

Not to mention, it fosters valuable interactions with your customers.

5. Start a Podcast

It’s pretty obvious that we live in a digital age.

But, it is still not clear to all advertisers that digital marketing is not just about what happens in front of users on a screen. It is also about the things customers can stream and listen to, like podcasts.

A podcast is such a significant way to increase brand awareness. It gives users access to the people behind your products and services. This is your platform to establish authority, be genuine, share interesting insights, and more.

All the while, you are setting your brand apart from the rest.

6. Host Your Own Vlog

Instead of streaming podcasts, you may want to see what vlogging is all about. Vlogging is the art of creating a series of video clips that share knowledge the way a blog would.

Think of them as mini-movies for the things that are going on in your business and industry as a whole. Vlogs don’t always have to be serious or informative. Be sure to have fun with them from time to time and show users what a day in the life at your company is really like.

Who knows, you may end up recruiting a few viewers to come work for you!

7. Be Super Social

Whether you decide to make a big push for guest blogging or set up a video team for your own vlog, you have to stay on top of social media. Social media is one of the biggest ways to increase brand awareness.

This is how you stay relevant in the mind’s of current followers and how you can easily expand your brand’s reach to get new followers. All you have to do is be consistent, creative, and unique.

Figure out the best filters that work for your brand and keep using them. Share your brand’s voice in your captions and hashtags. Go live from time to time to give users a behind the scenes look at your day-to-day.

8. Take Advantage of Interactive Content

Interactive forms of content are things like polls, surveys, and quizzes. These are ways to get instant feedback from your audience.

You can use this content for practical things – like previewing colors for a new product and asking which color works best. Or, you can be silly – like posting a story around noon and asking what people are having for lunch that day.

Either way, you are creating a way for users to feel heard. Whether it’s a new product or a simple activity, they will want to give their feedback.

9. Sponsor an Event

Think you’ve tried every way to increase brand awareness on your own platforms? Find creative ways to partner with another brand’s marketing initiatives. One way to do this is by sponsoring an event for a brand you respect.

When you become a sponsor, your logo is everywhere. It is on marketing tactics and all around the event on the day-of. It is what people see when they get their ticket, walk in, and check in with social media posts to see what the event has in store.

Sponsoring puts you everywhere the event is, which means you are right where the people are in order to connect with potential new customers.

10. Focus on Your Story

Whatever combination of tools you end up using from the options above, always keep one thing in mind: your brand story. There are things that make you different beyond the deliverables you offer.

Focus on your values, your culture, and your history as a company. Think about what you and your employees truly believe in and how you can make that shine.

This is sure to succeed no matter what kind of marketing approach you use.

Discover How Simple it Can Be to Increase Brand Awareness

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